Сoconut water kefir

Learn to Make Coconut Water Kefir

All of us have heard the old saying “Beauty is skin deep” but let me take a small diversion and tell you that beauty is actually gut deep. Yes, the bacteria residing in our gut (aka colon) determines how healthy we are and how our metabolism performs. A healthy metabolism ultimately culminates into a beautiful body and skin.

It is now a well-known fact that our colon or gut is filled with a lot of toxins that our body fails to eliminate and the residual bacteria in the gut plays a very important role in the toxin-elimination process. There are actually two types of bacteria in our gut – the good bacteria (also known as Probacteria) and bad bacteria. Though both are needed to maintain the balance of our colon but still we need a steady growth in the number of good bacteria.

Medical science has proven that a healthy colon is indeed necessary for a healthy body and skin. Good bacteria are derived from a variety of food products and the good bacteria help in enhancing our digestive system, metabolism and even boost our immune system. Dairy-free coconut water kefir is a great source for injecting some good bacteria in our body. In this article we would learn how to make Coconut water kefir.

Making coconut oil

How to Make Coconut Oil at Home

To a certain extent every woman is a fan of cosmetic means. Sometimes in the bathroom there is nothing else but all kinds of jars and tubes.

But few of us know about such incredibly useful product for our skin as coconut oil. According to historians, the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra indulge her body with this fatty tropical liquid and took baths with coconut milk.

Now it is easy to get coconuts everywhere, not only in tropical countries. But it is much more pleasant to prepare it yourself, invest a piece of your soul and positive mood in its composition.

But before we tell you how to make coconut oil, we would like to tell a little about its beneficial properties.

Coconut milk in a bowl

Useful Substances and Calories in Coconut Milk

Milk products are the main nutritional value of the diet of most people on the planet. Many scientists argue about the useful and harmful inherent qualities of this product.

Often the milk is used as a secondary product, adding it to other products. Today we are going to speak about the benefits of the milk of tropical countries.

Coconut milk is a milk-white, sweet liquid extracted from the pulp of ripe coconuts. It is a product obtained from a heavily chopped coconut pulp +water. It is also considered that this product is accepted as inside, and outside, in the form of masks and lotion. Bathing in coconut milk was practiced, according to legend, by the Queen of Sheba.

Coconut flour bread

Coconut Flour Banana Bread and Other Exotic Recipes

When using coconut products human body gets so necessary substances: vitamins (A, C, and C), sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. Coconuts are also rich in natural proteins and carbohydrates, fatty oil and organic acids.

Due to its characteristics coconut is widely used in the areas of medicine and beauty.
This fruit is great for diarrheas and poisoning, high level of cholesterol. To improve metabolism doctors advise to use coconuts.

The inhabitants of tropical countries using coconut pulp improve their immune system that helps the body fight viral and fungal infections. Coconut oil is used in creams. It refreshes and nourishes the skin, stopping the aging process, helps in the fight against acne.

Coconut half

Coconut Oil Skin Benefits. Cosmetic Properties.

Coconut oil is still an exotic product, so few people know about its powerful medicinal properties. Currently, it is used for all kinds of cosmetic and industrial purposes. For many centuries it has served as an excellent source of nutrients in the area of the tropics.

People began to produce coconut oil even in the times of the beautiful Cleopatra, because it was considered to be an indispensable means for preserving female youth and beauty. This tropical white liquid was used as a nourishing and rejuvenating remedy for skin. Today nothing has changed, and it is still actively used by females.

Everyone knows that coconut oil is derived from the pulp of coconuts, which contains about 65% of valuable and useful oil.

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